Video Game

Make you so fun and also a little bit danger. That’s video game!. It’s danger, because this stuff can take over your life. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are big manufactures who produce video game. But this time, Sega is not making hardware anymore. Different with Sega, Sony and Nintendo have many tools that are connected to your television, not only consoles.

Now, let's find to know how to make video game more fun with this guide:

1. Home Consoles Guide

This guide will teach you about compability, design and system speed.

2. Handled Systems Guide

With this, the choice maybe easy to go with the same and decision is wide open if you have an Xbox
3. Games Guide
Gaming system that you have need this to start below to get on the way
4. Controllers Guide
You will customize your gaming system with some game controllers to spesific game until general game.

The major manufactures has their own video game hardware, check this out :
  • Microsoft has Xbox360, Xbox 360 Arcade and Xbox360 Elite
  • Nintendo has The Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Ds Lite
  • Sony has playstation 3 and playstation 2
  • Others, including Sega has computer game software, N Gage, Sega Dreamcast etc.
Pick the one that you really like and it's must be compatible with your gaming system. Each console maybe very good to some but bad to others. Remember, don't forget to check the consoles before you are start the game. If you have compatible gaming systems, the games absolutely will be more fun.

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sincerity warrior mengatakan...

video game sangat "fun" bwt suamiku, apalagi ditambah "more fun like that"... bisa2 komputerku dipake ngegame mulu. Klo gt jgn sampe dia th... hehehe

Anonim mengatakan...

I prefer PC game than the other... hee....

Witho mengatakan...

Wah, sukses nih postingannya. :)