1980 - 2008

28 years old. I love my colorful life. I have a hundred colors this year more than last year. I will have a thousand colors in 2009, a hundred thousand colors in 2010, a million colors in 2011, and more colors in the next years. Thank You Allah, for this happiness and thanks for Your guide. Without Your guide i'm lost. I don't wanna change this all with anything else.
Once again, I love my colorful life, this is my unique journey, Alhamdulillah. Thanks to all of my friends and families, for their best hope and support. And the last, i love this picture, 'cause this picture describe that colors (smile, happy, angry, upset, laugh, tears, tough, funny, strenght, power....and many more)

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3 komentar:

burh hans mengatakan...

idih ada yang kesebut... di tahun berwarna anda...

Witha mengatakan...

Emang apa yang kesebut...?^_^

hans mengatakan...

yang gak kesebut aku,,,